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Vopium’s end-to-end white-label solutions can be launched as standalone services, with customized look and feel in the partner’s branding. Our solutions range from VoIP based Calling Apps (Roaming, Family and Global Communication) to International Remittance and Rich Messaging App solutions. In addition, Vopium can also deliver bespoke solutions, tailor-made based on partner’s commercial and operational requirements.

Our product portfolio consists of the following main offerings:

Bespoke Solutions

Vopium can deliver bespoke solutions with more feature combinations in one offer or specially developed features following the partner’s requirements.

Roaming App Solution

A Wi-Fi based App solution offering free Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi calls or paid Wi-Fi to GSM calls on roaming or out of network coverage.

Global Communication Solution

An App solution offering subscription for app-based packages and always-on connectivity using Wi-Fi or access number calling, IM and SMS.

Family App Solution

This App enables reverse billing with users paying for calls from family or friends living abroad. Calls are placed to a unique number from mobile or landline without the need for a smartphone or data connection.

Rich Messaging App Solution

Offering chat messaging with engaging content and features; emoticons, stickers, minks and file sharing. The solution is easily launched as a stand-alone app or coupled with other Vopium Solutions to generate new revenue streams by enriching the user experience.

International Remittance App Solution

Users can transfer money in one click from the mobile app. Money is received on a mobile phone wallet or cashed out depending on the available infrastructure.

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