Roaming App Solution

The Solution
Partner Benefits
End-user Benefits
The Solution
  • The Vopium Roaming App is a Wi-Fi only Solution enabling users to make free peer-to-peer Wi-Fi calls and local and international termination to non-app users at great rates.
  • The mobile apps work on a wide range of handset models (1,000+), combined with least-cost VoIP/GSM routing, delivering truly global connectivity with great voice quality.
  • The Roaming App Solution is user-friendly with 93% of users in one survey finding it easy to get started and use the app’s different features.
  • Messaging (IM, SMS) is an additional selling point for the roaming app proposition.
  • Partner billing can be integrated into the Vopium roaming app letting users tap their existing plans even when traveling abroad.


Partner Benefits
  • Don’t cannibalize traditional roaming
  • Win back users from competition
  • Boost usage and end user satisfaction
  • Transparent cost structure, separate from existing subscribers
  • Counter competing OTT applications to enhance competitive positioning
  • Push global brand recognition and customer acquisition
  • Quick time to market and little or no integration is needed.
End-user Benefits
  • No bill shock with transparent and competitive prices
  • Seamless call home for easy contact
  • No need for local SIM card when traveling
  • No need to invite call-recipients before calling. Just call any destination

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