Rich Messaging

The Solution
Partner Benefits
End-user Benefits
The Solution
  • Vopium’s white-label Rich Messaging solution can be implemented as a tailored stand-alone messaging app or coupled with VoIP Calling and/or Money Transfer/Remittance.

  • Vopium has a highly robust and scalable messaging platform allowing partners to offer a wide range of features, from P2P to Group Chat supporting large number of participants. Our solution is fully cloud compatible and comes with an Admin Dashboard from where partners can upload and manage prices for different types of rich content, e.g. stickers, ring back tones, games, etc. It also is capable of providing usage patterns monitoring and reporting.

  • Furthermore we also have a mature end user/community management tool that facilitates not only P2P chat (with end customer) but also scheduling and execution of sticker, audio, video based push campaigns targeting the entire or a specific subset of the user base.

  • Tryout our VoIP and messaging solution:


Partner Benefits
  • Offer localized content based on regional interests, trends, events, brands and characters

  • Manage communities through an easy to use web based application

  • Competitive Advantage through OTT Partnership allowing winning back of customers from third-party OTT apps and/or direct competitors

  • Opportunity to monetize from sale of content or by featuring content from local partners and third party brands


End-user Benefits
  • Increased User Engagement
  • Fun & addictive for active social media users

  • More expressive communication with mood and message expressed in one

  • Allows users to stay connected with their community

  • Platform/Language Independence

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