Family App Solution

The Solution
Partner Benefits
End-user Benefits
The Solution
  • Vopium Family app enables reverse billing, where user pays for call. The caller will not be charged.
  • No need for smartphones or data connections. Users simply call a unique access number and calls will be terminated inside the app on receiving side.
  • If the recipient is offline, the call can be forwarded as a GSM call to a regular mobile number.
Partner Benefits
  • Subscription based price plans.
  • Retail billing flexibility – charge additional for call forwarding and call back services.
  • Users keep current mobile subscription.
  • Reduce churn in both call originating and receiving markets.
  • Can be implemented for operators in both call originating and receiving markets.
End-user Benefits


  • Keep in touch with family living abroad.
  • Transparent pricing on receiving international calls.
  • Receive calls as GSM when not connected to data.

  • Smartphone, specific app or data connection not required.
  • Call contact’s access number from any phone’s dialer.
  • Call the recipient at no charge; whenever, wherever required.

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