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Vopium white-label solutions offer varying degrees of customization from partial to completely partner-branded implementations. In addition to standard features and functionalities we do offer the option of adding extra value propositions to each of our white-label solutions. These range from multiple platform support, in-app advertising integration to admin portal interface, rich messaging and location based services.

Main Features


Users can make the highest quality audio and video calls on mobile. Calling is not limited to just one device or to Wi-Fi only, it also works over 3G and 4G networks.


Users can chat (IM) and send SMS anytime, anywhere using Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G networks connection. Sharing pictures, video or customized contents either from the gallery or live.


Provides Money Transfer functionality either integrated with Calling or Messaging apps or as a standalone app. The value chain is supported by banking and money transfer partners.

In-App Advertisement

Enabling push message marketing and integrating third-party advertising engines. Campaigns are created and managed from a dedicated portal and integrates easily with our calling and messaging app solutions.
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Multiple Platform Support

Vopium offers multiple platform support. Applications are compatible with handset models covering all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone as well as Windows & MAC Desktops.

Location Based Services

Subscribers can search for nearby places, e.g. restaurants, book cinema tickets and share exact location on the go. Extremely user friendly interface lets users discover and share from within app.

Integrated Address Book

Contacts are reached through apps with integrated address book feature including full native address book reflected in app and automatically updated when edited by user in the native device contacts.

Admin Portal

Exercise complete control and visibility over customers’ usage and behavior, incentivising, providing targeted discounts or rewards to users via the customer care portal.

Customer Care Portal

Complements Calling, Messaging and Remittance apps with portal for support, marketing, packages and tariffs, geographical coverage (Pre-Login) and complete account management (post-login) and more.

Social Media Integration

Enhance apps’ viral sharing with social media feature. Users can login via Facebook and invite their friends to use the app, like pages or share thoughts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ from within the apps.

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