About us

Vopium is a software-based provider of free and low-cost international mobile communication via VoIP and Wi-Fi technology, based on a free but closed source client application.

It supports many protocols: SIP, MSN, Skype, Yahoo, AOL, ICQ, Google Talk, Facebook & Twitter. In February 2010, Vopium's VoIP and messaging solution was launched as a white label and in March 2010 Vopium partnered with Convergia Networks Inc.[1] Vopium has over the past years enabled several white label partners, among others Ooredoo Tunesia ("Link"), Telenor ("Comoyo"), TalkTalk ("Talk2Go" and Mobilink ("Mobilink Word"). None of these are currently operational. In June 2010 Vopium has expanded its group of owners to include the international telecommunications investor Raghuvinder Kataria who invested $16.5M.

Mobile voice over IP Dialer

Vopium started by designing and developping its dialer to make international calls using voice over IP protocol in 2006. This is an integrated part of our white-label product.

Mobile messaging solutions

We have specialed in mobile based rich content and messaging solutions since 2010. This is an integrated part of our white-label product.

Vopium Pay

We have developped a mobile app based mobey transfer solution with instant money transfer into bank account and mobile wallets.

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