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Call Pakistan at the lowest prices

Call around the world for just a fraction of the cost! Talk to family, friends and colleagues in Pakistan from the freedom of your mobile phone, only USD 0.07/min. No need to change your SIM card or operator, call direct from your contacts.

USD 0.07
+ your standard local rate*
USD 0.07
+ your standard local rate*

* When calling from your home country a local rate may be applied by your operator.
When calling from abroad a roaming charge will be applied by your operator.
When calling from anywhere on WiFi no charge will be applied by your operator.

Looking for a cheap way to call Pakistan? Try Vopium

Do you want to make convenient, cheap and best quality mobile calls to Pakistan? Use Vopium’s discounted call rates to Pakistan and easily connect with your family whenever you want. Download the free software of Vopium on your mobile phone and enjoy calling on landline or mobile phone as low as USD 0.07.

Recently Pakistan has become the fastest growing mobile market where the mobile subscriber base of Pakistanis has crossed 100 million mark. Other than the use of traditional operators for long distance calls to Pakistan, another cheaper way is to use a reliable VoIP service for making calls.

Why calling Pakistan with Vopium is cheaper?

Vopium uses VoIP technology that operates by using data packet switching instead of circuit switching, where it sends or receives information only when it is needed instead of a constant stream. It always prefer to take the cheapest route which is least congested. This is the reason that it is cheap to make mobile calls to Pakistan with VoIP instead of using highly expensive calling cards or prepaid phone cards. As call charges become higher with passage of time, staying cheaply connected to your relatives in Pakistan country is now easily possible with Vopium.

Affordable call rates to Pakistan

Cheap call charges and convenience is most essential when you are making long distance phone calls. With the recent boom of mobile phone usage in Pakistan telecommunication industry, VoIP is a trend that will soon become popular by offering cheaper alternatives to users. The low call rates to Pakistan country has greatly encouraged the expats to take advantage of Vopium service and stay in touch with their loved ones.

"My mom got Vopium, oh no... I thought I finally got away when I went overseas"

Mark, France

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