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USD 0.22
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* When calling from your home country a local rate may be applied by your operator.
When calling from abroad a roaming charge will be applied by your operator.
When calling from anywhere on WiFi no charge will be applied by your operator.

Cheap Calls to Afghanistan on Landline or Mobile Phone

If you want to stay in touch with your friends and family in Afghanistan, use Vopium's lowest call rates. Vopium enables you to make cheap calls on landline and mobile phones as low as USD 0.22. Simply download Vopium on your mobile phone for free and utilize low cost international rates to Afghanistan. If two Vopium Wi-Fi users are connected to Wi-Fi, they can talk 100 % free to Afghanistan using Vopium Wi-Fi.

A decade ago, mobile phone usage in Afghanistan was almost nonexistent; now there are 13 million subscriptions for a total of 29 million citizens, and the annual growth rate of subscription is estimated at 53 percent. The demand for communication, absence of landline substitutes and government deregulation has flourished mobile phone usage in Afghans, making them aware of the cheaper calling alternatives available in the market.

Calling Afghanistan with Vopium

The long distance cheap calls to Afghanistan with Vopium are becoming highly preferable when compared to the expensive calling cards or prepaid phone cards. If you follow the latest Afghanistan news you will find that the telecom market is booming in this area despite the conflict going on in the country for so many years. With the result, mobile phones are greatly used among Afghans in order to stay cheaply connected to each other.

Discounted call rates to Afghanistan

If you compare Vopium call rates to Afghanistan with other service providers, you will find us cheaper, easier to use and reliable. As the telecommunication industry progresses in Afghanistan country, Vopium will soon become the cheap way for making low cost VoIP calls, enabling users to save upto 94% on international calls.

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Jamie Kennedy -- Calling from UK to USA

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