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Vopium Remittance App

The Situation

  • International remittance transfers are growing each year primarily to developing countries

  • Remittance transfers around the world increased to $534 billion in 2012 out of which $406 were sent to developing countries

  • The cost of a traditional remittance transfer from Europe to developing countries is high and forces people to revert to unauthorized means of money transfer

  • Means for easy and small transfers at low cost are practically non-existent

  • Many users in developing countries do not have bank accounts to receive money transfers but do have mobile phones

  • Current remittance solutions are separate from communication solutions and do not embrace the full social potential

Vopium Remittance App Solution

  • The Remittance solution enables easy money transfer using a mobile phone regardless of the data connection available

  • The money is also received on a mobile phone and can be cashed out dependent on the desired setup in the country

  • Backed by the European E-Money license, currently only applicable for European operators, easy cash-in can be provided at the sending side via credit cards at low cost compared to traditional money transfer operators

  • E-money wallets provide users with a generous transaction ceiling and annual turnover limit

End User Benefits


  • Money can be sent 24/7 in convenient amounts at low cost

  • Sender does not need to visit a retail outlet to send money

  • Both remittance and calling back home can be seamless


  • Receive money on mobile phone, not needing bank account

  • Cash-out in non EU countries dependent on partner

Operator Benefits

Increased Revenue and Retention

  • Tap into the significant and growing market of remittance

  • Use existing infrastructure to provide new appealing service

  • Create loyalty and potential to combine with calling solution

Gain first mover advantage

  • Be the first to cater for the low value transaction segment

  • Provide mobile money users with a low value option

Remittance App Solution Remittance App Solution Remittance App Solution Remittance App Solution

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