Vopium Offers Five Years of Free Global Calls for Five Customers
High-Performance Global Telecommunications Provider
Shares Fifth Birthday Milestone with Customers via Sweepstakes
Copenhagen, Oct. 10, 2011Vopium (MLVOP: EN Paris), a leading innovator in mobile global communications, is celebrating its fifth birthday with a "Vopium Birthday Blowout" - a sweepstakes that runs from today through Oct. 31. The grand prize is five years of free international calls for five people, one on each of the five continents – Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

In addition to the grand prize, other prizes will be given away each week during October. These prizes include call credits, iPods, T-shirts, and other prizes shown on the company’s Facebook page. The winners of the weekly prizes will be drawn from the grand-prize entrants and remain eligible for the grand prize. Winners of the five grand prizes will be announced Nov. 1.

"Vopium is thrilled to celebrate our fifth birthday and our continued commitment to delivering low-cost, high-quality local and international calling," said Vopium founder Tanveer Sharif. "We want to share this important milestone with our customers, who make our service possible."
To Enter the Blowout:
Participants need to submit their grand-prize entry on the contest landing page: vopium.com/birthdayblowout. Participants must already be registered Vopium customers. They simply input their user name and password to enter the contest. Only one entry per person is permitted.

Those who are not currently Vopium customers may register for free on the Vopium website at vopium.com/get-started and opt in to the contest.

Why Use Vopium to Stay in Touch?
Vopium helps customers overcome the high costs and barriers to global calling. Vopium takes advantage of intelligent call routing to ensure least-cost local termination without sacrificing quality of service. You pay your phone company for a local call and Vopium for the rest. If you are Wi-Fi-connected, you don’t even pay for your local call. If you and the person you are calling are on both Vopium and Wi-Fi, the call is totally free.

Vopium offers great cost savings – upwards of 94 percent on local and international mobile calls. Examples include calls from your mobile to mobiles and landline phones in China and Canada for 2 cents per minute and to mobiles in India for 3 cents per minute. In addition, the company offers free Wi-Fi-to-Wi-Fi calling and messaging.

Calls are made from Vopium’s cloud- and app-based solution that is downloaded free and is easy to install and use. There are no access numbers to dial and no special numbers to enter. Vopium will connect your call whether or not you are Wi-Fi-connected. The service is available 24/7 in 46 countries.

The Vopium app easily integrates with a mobile phone’s existing contact and calendar functions and works on more than 900 mobile phone models. Vopium customers can dial directly from their contacts, and the app automatically detects international calls and codes to allow for least-cost routing. Contacts and calendar are synchronized and backed up across multiple devices. Customers can also see the availability and status of other Vopium customers on iPhones and Android devices, making reaching one another easier.

All of this adds up to calls that are always:
  • Available
  • Least-cost routed
  • Quality-optimized
  • Simple
Vopium Birthday Blowout Terms & Conditions:
Please visit the Vopium Birthday Blowout landing page to learn more about the contest Terms & Conditions.
About Vopium
Vopium means mobile phone calls without borders. We enable customers to make affordable international mobile phone calls to family, friends and colleagues anywhere, anytime. Our award winning phone app that takes advantage of both VoIP and GSM technologies, enables global calling that costs, sounds and is as simple to make as a local phone call. Vopium works on over 900 different mobile phone models - from the latest smartphone to traditional mobile phones.

With over one million customers in 46 countries, Vopium powers reliable cost effective communication around the world. Vopium is listed on the NYSE Euronext Paris Exchange. For more information, please visit http://www.vopium.com
Andrew Singer
Vopium PR Communications Manager
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