Vopium reaches market value of 26 million Euro
4 September 2008 : Vopium quietly went public on the NYSE Euronext stock exchange, Marche Libre, in Paris on 23 July. Since then the company’s stock has risen steadily, despite this summer lull in the market. After six weeks of public trading, Vopium has reached a market value of 26.06 million Euro (As of September 3, 2008). Vopium already operates in 15 countries and full focus is now set on the company’s continued international expansion.

Vopium is the first Danish company to ever be listed on the Parisian stock exchange Marche
Libre. Marche Libre is part of NYSE Euronext, which consists of stock exchanges in Paris,
Brussels, Amsterdam, New York and other major trading cities. In May the Luxembourgbased
firm Enex Group, invested 4.2 million Euros in Vopium, which marked the beginning of
the company’s international expansion.

Vopium is a powerful software program for mobile phones which makes it possible to make
international calls using the mobile at prices that are 50‐90 per cent lower than the prices of
major mobile service providers. It only takes a few moments to download and install Vopium
on your mobile phone, either over the internet at Vopium.com or by text message. Once the
program has been installed, international calls and text messages are sent via Vopium’s
gateways and international providers to call recipients abroad.

“Being listed on Marche Libre has made Vopium more visible on the market and to potential
investors. Even though it was a relatively quiet market debut, and despite the fact that the
stock has not been traded in vast quantities, the share increase from 0.40 to 1.13 Euro
clearly shows the market’s interest in our technology and business concept,” says Vopium’s
board chairman Christian Eyde Møller.

The goal in going public was not to raise additional capital, but rather to render the company
visible for future investors. The logical next step for Vopium with respect to raising capital
and share issues will be to become registered on the regulated stock exchange, NYSE

“It is particularly encouraging to see how European investors have received Vopium. With
the capital injection from Enex in May we were able to ensure enough capital for a European
expansion, though our experience over the last few months indicates that there is a demand
for Vopium outside of Europe as well. We are already beta testing our product in the US and
Canada, and it is a given that an expansion rate of this calibre will result in the need for
further capital,” says Tanveer Sharif, Vopium’s Managing Director and co‐founder.

With Vopium, callers pay Vopium’s low international rates plus their normal mobile service
provider’s local per‐minute rate. Once Vopium is installed on the mobile phone, users can
freely decide whether to use Vopium or the normal mobile provider for international calls.
Vopium works on more than 500 different mobile phones that support Symbian, Windows
Mobile, Java and Blackberry. Vopium is also certified for use with Apple’s iPhone.

Tanveer Sharif started Vopium together with partners in 2006 and the beta version of
Vopium was launched in May 2007. The development of a world class customer friendly
software solution for all mobile handsets became a reality in record time thanks to help from
skilled engineers and software developers in Pakistan, where Vopium has a 35‐strong
development team. Vopium’s long term vision is to render international calling completely
or nearly free of charge for all Vopium customers.

The development of Vopium’s stock can be followed on www.euronext.com. The company’s
stock symbol is MLVOP.

Further information about Vopium can be found at www.vopium.com/press. The attached
press photos can be freely used for media purposes with source references.

For further information:

Managing Director and founder Tanveer Sharif
Tel. +45 25 90 10 90
E-mail: ts@vopium.com

Board Chairman Christian Eyde Møller
Tel. +45 40 17 02 20
E-mail: cem@vopium.com