Vopium ekspanderer til 25 nye lande
Vopium mere end fordobler antallet af lande, hvor mobilbrugere nu kan spare op til 90% på international telefoni.
Copenhagen, 26th of August, 2009Vopium, the leading international mobile communications
company, today announced the launch of its mobile VoIP service in 25 new countries, offering
low-cost and free international mobile phone calls. By installing the free Vopium application on
any of the more than 900 supported GSM mobile handsets, callers around in the new countries
can now also take advantage of high-quality and affordable international calling. With the launch,
Vopium is now available across 45 markets in all major territories including North- and South
America, Western- and Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific. To get started,
mobile subscribers can visit www.vopium.com. Once registered, all new users receive 15 free
minutes of talk time and 15 free SMS.

Tanveer Sharif, CEO of Vopium, said, "Hundreds of thousands of consumers are already
enjoying the savings on international cell mobile phone calls that Vopium offers. The roll out of
Vopium in 25 new countries meets the ever increasing demand we have experienced since our
international launch last year. Particular in the economic climate, the entire world is facing at the
moment consumers are keen to cut costs wherever possible. International telephony rates are
still outrageously high, but with the geographical expansion, we are delighted to solve that
problem by enabling even more consumers to save heavily on international phone calls”.

How Vopium works:
Vopium is a free mobile software application that leverages mobile VoIP and Wi-Fi technology to
greatly reduce the cost of international phone calls made from mobile phones while also
maintaining excellent call quality. Free and easy to download, Vopium integrates directly with the
user’s mobile address book, and automatically re-routing all international calls via the least
expensive method available. In addition to heavily discounted international calls, Vopium users
can also slash the costs of sending text messages (SMS) abroad.

Vopium for free:
Users signing up for Vopium is being granted a 15 free minutes trial. Vopium users can also
make free calls using Vopium Wi-Fi. Vopium automatically detects if a user is connected to Wi-Fi
and enables users to call other Vopium Wi-Fi users around the world for free. If a Vopium Wi-Fi
user calls a non-Vopium Wi-Fi user, they pay only the reduced international Vopium rate.

Vopium: The Key Facts
- Vopium is compatible with more than 900 handsets across Java, Symbian, BlackBerry RIM, and
Windows Mobile, as well as offering complete applications for the iPhone App StoreSM,
BlackBerry App World™ and Android Market
- Vopium is free to download at www.vopium.com
- Vopium re-routes international calls as a local call to a Vopium gateway and then via global
traffic carriers as ordinary voice traffic in order to ensure voice quality
- All new users are given 15 minutes of talk time and 15 international SMS for free
- Calling internationally with Vopium can result in up to 90 percent savings versus traditional
carrier rates; for an overview of current pricing, visit: http://vopium.com/tariff
- Calls made through Vopium are always routed using the cheapest method while preserving the
highest quality
- Vopium Wi-Fi users can call each other around the world for free
- Vopium users keep their own mobile number and SIM card, and maintain their numeric identity
when making calls
- When a user calls from their home country, a local rate may be applied by their operator
- Wi-Fi calls made with Vopium will not incur additional charges from a subscriber’s operator
About Vopium:
Vopium is a carrier-grade mobile telephony service designed to offer affordable and reliable
international calls from any mobile handset. By using the Vopium application on their mobile
phones to make calls from their home country, consumers and businesses alike can save up to
90% on international mobile and landline calls. Unlike more restrictive mobile VoIP solutions,
Vopium supports hundreds of handsets across Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Java,
Blackberry Rim and Android. Vopium uses intelligent routing and connection technology which
automatically and seamlessly delivers the lowest cost connection for any international call.
Vopium has offices in London, Copenhagen, Luxembourg and Pakistan. Vopium was recently
awarded the Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award. Vopium is listed on NYSE Euronext
(MVLOP). To learn more, visit http://vopium.com

For more information, please contact:

Tanveer Sharif, CEO
P: + 45 25 90 10 90
E: ts@vopium.com

Anders Koefoed, Marketing Director
P: + 45 40 74 08 76
E: ak@vopium.com