Vopium Introduces Big Savings On International Calling From Mobile Phones
Low-cost and no-cost calls to Latin America and other countries available through free Vopium service on mobile phones
COPENHAGEN, JANUARY 28th, 2009 – Vopium, the company that drives down the cost of mobile phone calls, has introduced low-cost and no-cost mobile calls to landlines or mobile phones to countries in Latin America and around the world, based on mobile VoIP and Wi-Fi technology.

Using the Vopium service, mobile phone bills can be cut by up to 90% for international calls, and calls between phones connected to the Vopium service via WiFi networks are completely free. By simply installing Vopium on a supported GSM-based mobile phone, US callers can immediately begin taking advantage of high-quality and affordable international calls to Latin America and other countries, dramatically reducing their regular mobile phone bill. Vopium works on more than 500 different types of phones and new users are given 15 minutes of free talk time to trial the service.

How It Works
Vopium is a free software program that mobile subscribers install to their phones that allows them to make international calls as easily as usual, but at a much lower cost. Vopium automatically routes all international calls via the least-expensive method available, so that users can be confident they are paying the least amount possible for their call every time.

To get started, mobile subscribers can visit http://vopium.com or send a text message with “Get” to +447781480717. Vopium users can also send low-cost text messages (SMS) and make free calls to other Vopium users when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Following is an example of recent pricing to call popular destinations from the US with Vopium:

Landlines: USD .07/min :
Mobiles: USD .38/min
SMS: USD .13 per message

Puerto Rico

Landlines: USD .03/min :
Mobiles: USD .03/min
SMS: USD .13 per message

Dominican Republic
Landlines: USD .11/min :
Mobiles: USD .2/min
SMS: USD .13 per message

“Vopium is committed to helping friends and families stay in touch, regardless of where they are in the world,” said Tanveer Sharif, CEO of Vopium. “We are pleased to be able to offer low-cost and no-cost calling options to US mobile subscribers who want an affordable and convenient way to make international calls.”

All calls made via Vopium are billed by wireless operators as local airtime, so standard rates may also apply depending upon the subscriber’s call plan. To learn more, please visit www.Vopium.com. For US customer support requests please email support@vopium.com.

About Vopium:
Vopium is a carrier-grade mobile telephony service designed to offer affordable and reliable international calls from any mobile handset. By using the Vopium application on their mobile to make calls from their home country, consumers and businesses alike can save up to 90% on international mobile and land-line calls. Unlike more restrictive mobile VoIP solutions, Vopium supports hundreds of handsets across Java, Symbian, RIM, Windows Mobile and iPhone. Vopium uses intelligent routing and connection technology which automatically and seamlessly delivers the lowest cost connection for any international call. To learn more, visit http://vopium.com

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