Vopium launches unlimited monthly mobile calling to Europe, USA and Canada
London, UK., 27th June 2011;Vopium,a leading innovator in mobile global communications, has launched a new call plan that enables you to call as much as you like from your mobile to any mobile or landline in 31 countries across Europe for one low monthly price. The price also includes calls to mobiles in the USA and Canada.

The deal gives anyone, from businesses to families, unlimited mobile phone calling and 100 SMS to other mobile users for only EURO 79.99, no matter where you are calling from around the world. The new call plan will be available to the first 10,000 subscribers and a fair usage policy of 2000 call minutes per month applies.

“Europe Mobile Unlimited” will be very attractive to companies working with European clients. Businesses will now be able to keep constantly in touch with their European colleagues whilst remaining within budget, because they can take advantage of unlimited mobile calling at a fixed low monthly price

A quick comparison between some of the different mobile carrier rates across the world demonstrates how many minutes you typically get when calling from these regions to Europe for €79.99. With Vopium’s Europe Mobile Unlimited, it is all you can talk!.

  Price From Europe
to Europe
From USA
To Europe
From Australia
to Europe
Typical Local
Mobile Operator
€79.99 85-100 min 60-90 min 45-75 min

Even using the best scenario above (Europe-to-Europe mobile calls), users only get 100 minutes of calling for €79.99. So, if you talk for 20 minutes a day, your budget will be used up in just five days with a conventional European carrier. Most sales teams, business partners or families typically need to (and indeed, want to) talk much more than five times per month.

“We are extremely excited to be launching our “Europe Mobile Unlimited” call plan. We have received numerous requests from business clients to provide them with a mobile-to-mobile European-wide plan similar to our “Unlimited Call the World” plan. Whilst comparable, the key difference with the European plan is that it again, provides a mobile-to-mobile call solution whereas our “Call the World” plan provides unlimited calling to fixed lines globally and unlimited calling to mobiles in select countries,” says Tanveer Sharif, Vopium CEO.

“Europe Mobile Unlimited gives companies and consumers an easy and cost-effective way to talk mobile-tomobile,
regardless of where you are located,” he continues. “Besides businesses using it, I expect many parents will want to take advantage of the plan, as an inexpensive way to keep in constant communication with their kids who are travelling or studying abroad.”

With “Europe Mobile Unlimited,” you can call from your mobile to any mobile or landline as much you like for EURO 79.99/month to 33 countries, which can be found here.

About Vopium
Vopium means mobile phone calls without borders. We enable customers to make affordable international mobile phone calls to family, friends and business partners anywhere, anytime. Our downloadable phone app takes advantage of both VoIP and GSM technologies to enable global calling that feels, sounds and costs like a local phone call. Vopium works on over 900 different mobile phone models - from the latest smartphone to traditional mobile phones. With over one million customers in 46 countries, Vopium powers reliable, cost effective mobile communications around the world. Vopium is listed on the NYSE Euronext Paris Exchange. For more information, please visit http://www.vopium.com

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