Vopium Android App Takes VoIP Experience to New Level
Enhanced Features Make VoIP Calling,SMS and Other
Communications Easy, Enjoyable and Cost-Effective
COPENHAGEN, Jan. 4, 2012Vopium, the award-winning mobile VoIP service provider, has announced a major update to its flagship application for Android smartphones and tablets. The new version of Vopium for Android features a streamlined user interface that improves communications and enhances the user experience.

Keeping pace with rapid innovation in the Android world, Vopium’s app automatically optimizes itself to match each device’s resolution and screen size. The new app also includes a guided tour of Vopium’s intelligent analytics of user habits and preferences that help maximize savings on local and international calls.A wizard gathers call-quality feedback and provides the per-minute rate before each call is placed.

Vopium’s new app is completely integrated with the native contacts and dialer and is designed to offer users more flexibility. It automatically updates the status of contacts, indicating whether a contact’s mobile device is connected to GSM, CDMA or Wi-Fi, which makes it easy to place free Wi-Fi-to-Wi-Fi calls. Vopium’s app also works with Android tablets, enabling calling from Wi-Fi-only tablets like the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi.

Additionally, the upgrades include social networking features, letting users earn Vopium calling credits through Facebook and Twitter. These features help friends and followers save money too – all part of Vopium’s drive to stay closely engaged with its global userbase.

“We know the value of our users in today’s highly-competitive mobile calling environment,” said Vopium Chief Technology Officer Asad Parvaiz. “The addition of more user-centric product interaction recognizes that value by providing them with even more ways to communicate and save money.”

“We’ve completely updated the Vopium app to take advantage of all of the exciting features and capabilities in each new version of Android,” said Vopium CEO Tanveer Sharif. “The new app helps maintain Vopium’s reputation among users, analysts and the media as a leader in providing convenient, user-friendly ways for people worldwide to communicate on their terms and within their budgets.”

The updated Vopium for Android app is available in the Android Marketplace here.
About Vopium
Vopium A/S, the award-winning mobile VoIP provider, delivers mobile phone calls without borders. With the Vopium app, customers can make international mobile phone calls that feel, sound and are priced like local calls. Taking advantage of VoIP and GSM technologies, the Vopium app works across all major mobile operating systems and on more than 900 handset models, from smartphones to feature phones.

With more than 1 million users in 52 countries, Vopium powers reliable, cost-effective mobile communications around the world. Vopium is listed on the NYSE Euronext Paris Exchange. For more information, please visit http://www.vopium.com