How to make cheap mobile calls on your holiday

16 July 2010: Vopium offer 15 minutes of free international calls

So far, keeping in touch with friends and family has been a costly affair when being away on holiday. However, with a Vopium software application downloaded directly to your mobile phone, cheap calls can be made to e.g. Thailand, Spain or Turkey. Moreover, you get the first 15 minutes free of charge.  

Receiving a high mobile phone bill is always an unpleasant experience, and especially sky-high prices on international mobile calls can make a quick ending to a conversation. A call from a mobile phone in the UK to e.g. a hotel in Turkey costs about £1 per minute. But a new software application for mobile phones called Vopium makes it easy to make cheap international calls. A phone call from the UK to a fixed line or mobile phone in Thailand only costs 2 pence plus the local UK mobile rate – that is roughly the same price as calling from London to Birmingham.

”Even with an old mobile phone, you can save a lot of money when keeping contact with friends and family away on holiday. With Vopium, it will only cost a few pence per minute making a call from the UK to e.g. your parents’ hotel room, wherever in Europe they may be,” says Tanveer Sharif, CEO of Vopium.

Now, Vopium offers everyone who wants to call family and friends abroad to test the software on their mobile phone for 15 minutes free of charge. All you need to do, is to enter your mobile number on vopium.com.

Free or very cheap international calls from abroad
When being abroad, you can also make cheap calls home with Vopium. You can either make the call from your PC, Wi-Fi mobile phone or by using Vopium’s web-based Call Back service, where you enter a local phone number and the number of the person at home, you wish to talk to.

”We experience a growing number of people abroad who use Vopium to make cheap calls home to the UK from their PC or Wi-Fi mobile phone. If the person you call also has Vopium on his/her PC or use their smartphone in a Wi-FI area, the call is totally free,“ says Tanveer Sharif.

The reason why it is so cheap to make international calls with Vopium is that you make a ‘normal’ call from your mobile phone to the nearest telephone pole. Thereafter, the call is transmitted by the Internet very cheaply to the receiver. The quality of the call is on par with what people are used to when making international calls, i.e. no cuts or disconnections and a good sound quality.

Besides international calls and texts, Vopium offers its users free calls to each other and the ability to communicate with friends on Skype, GTalk, MSN, Twitter, Facebook, etc., directly from their mobile phones.

Vopium can be downloaded to more than 900 different mobile phones.

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