Vopium Welcomes Google’s Gmail-phone

31 August 2010:Vopium, a fast-growing provider of mobile communication via VoIP technology, is excited that Google has launched a phone calling feature, as this will introduce more people to the advantages of Vopium’s services. Unlike Google, Vopium is available to more than 900 different mobile phone models and offers calls to other mobile and landline phones. 

More and more people are ditching their traditional phone providers and are using the Internet to make calls at lower rates instead. Google has now launched an Internet call feature via their Gmail service.

Vopium, the fast–growing, low cost VoIP provider on mobile phones, views Google’s new service positively:

“From our perspective, Google’s entry onto the VoIP market is very positive, as many of the millions of users of Google’s services have not yet made calls via the Internet. Google now makes this possible, and many will see how much money can be saved and how easy it is. We hope that many of Google’s users also want to save money on calls and text messages worldwide from their mobile phones. Vopium makes this possible. Unlike Google’s service, which requires a computer and a headset, Vopium works directly on your mobile phone anywhere,” says Christian Eyde Møller, Chairman of the Board at Vopium.

Vopium has specialised in offering low rates on calls and text messages, especially to foreign countries, via mobile phones to other mobile or landline phones.

Vopium also supports instant messaging on your mobile phone to your Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo! and ICQ contacts.

15 Minutes of Free Worldwide Calls
With Vopium, calls to landline and mobile phones are offered at a very low rate, even without the installation of Vopium. Rates include calls to any landline or mobile phone in Thailand for just under three cents, plus the local mobile rate, working out at about the same cost as a local call.
Right now, Vopium is offering 15 minutes of free calls to all new users looking to save money on international calls. Vopium supports over 900 mobile phone models, iPhone and Adroid phones, for example. To get started, go to www.vopium.com and enter your mobile phone number.

“While our main focus is on mobile phones, we will soon be releasing Vopium Desktop, a free PC version of Vopium for making calls at low rates and even free calls to other Vopium and Skype users,” says Tanveer Sharif, CEO at Vopium.

For further information:

Christian Eyde Møller
Chairman of the board
m +45 40 17 02 20
e pr@vopium.com

Tanveer Sharif
CEO, Vopium
m +45 25 90 10 90
e pr@vopium.com