Vopium’s Enhanced iPhone App

Optimized for the greatest VoIP experience on iPhone


Place FREE calls to other Vopium users even when the app isn’t open on the receiver’s iPhone


No need to exit app, purchase directly through iTunes


Automatic notification about other Vopium users, ensuring FREE calling!

Enjoy Vopium’s Superior iPhone VoIP App

Vopium’s iPhone user-base can now enjoy enhanced and innovative VoIP features with our latest iPhone app. We have increased the chances of FREE calls with automatic notification about other Vopium users in your contacts … and not just for those who have iPhones, it works for Android, BlackBerry and Symbian contacts too!

With Vopium iPhone app you don’t need to exit the app to buy credits, simply click and buy via iTunes.

The latest Vopium app for iPhone comes with push-based options for calling. It has missed call indication, contact tabs for Vopium users to help FREE-calling, promotions, and exciting Vopium offers. And with Vopium’s iPhone app, you can keep talking even with the app in background mode.

Download the free iPhone app to test - call anywhere in the world!

The Vopium iPhone app also features

  • SMART RATES - see price before calling
  • FREE ROAMING - call on Wi-Fi when abroad
  • TELL-A-FRIEND - get €10 FREE credit … and help your friends save money too!

How does it work?

Vopium redirects your call and delivers it anywhere in the world. You pay Vopium’s low price for the international call and your regular operator for the local call. Your combined cost is a fraction, not just compared to mobile rates, but also against most fixed line rates.
On Wi-Fi you even don’t pay for a local call, increasing your saving, especially when you are travelling.

Check our low prices on international calls: Calling Rates

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