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Vopium Global Communication

The Situation

  • Traditional mobile phone communication is under pressure from free or low cost OTT and device manufacturer services

  • Users are increasingly using apps, devices, Wi-Fi and mobile data networks capable of quality VoIP communication

  • Users have hassle of using different services, inviting each other before communicating and always being on data connections

  • Users may churn and change their mobile operator to get the lowest cost of doing their communication

Vopium Global Communication Solution

  • With the Global Communication solution, users can easily communicate with anyone anywhere in the world

  • Calls and messages at competitive prices are least cost routed with high quality termination to any desired destination

  • The user experience is fully optimized across devices and platforms, providing a simple and enjoyable quality experience

  • Users can invite their contacts, and enjoy the benefits of unlimited free chat and quality VoIP calls between each other

End User Benefits

Call anyone anywhere

  • Call anywhere. International, national or local. Fixed or mobile

  • No need to invite. Just call any contact or number right away

Call from anywhere

  • Call via Wi-Fi or mobile data, not using your call plan minutes

  • Call via local access number if no data connection available

No surprises

  • Cost is transparent, shown prior to initiating communication

  • Avoid roaming charges when calling via Wi-Fi while abroad

Operator Benefits


  • Retain users with attractive rich communication solution

Attract new customers

  • Attract users from competitor operators and OTT providers

  • Fully leverage all channels via apps, web, app stores etc

Geographical expansion

  • Push brand in new markets without local presence

Vopium Global Communication Vopium Global Communication Vopium Global Communication Vopium Global Communication

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