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Vopium Family App

The Situation

  • People desire easy and affordable ways to stay in contact with their family members living abroad

  • Users in developed countries often have smartphones, data connections and money to make international calls. Family members in less developed countries often do not have these means and can not call abroad as easily

  • Users in developed countries may switch operator to get a lower cost of calling their family abroad

Vopium Family App Solution

  • The Family app enables reverse billing, so that the app user pays to be called by family living abroad

  • The users living abroad does not need smartphones or data connections. They simply call a unique number

  • Calls to the number are terminated in the app if the user is online and can be forwarded as GSM call if offline

  • Integration to dial plan is required so that phone calls to the unique number can be routed via the app

End User Benefits

App user in developed country

  • Keep contact with family living abroad at a fair cost

  • Family abroad can always easily reach you for free

  • No change. Can keep current mobile subscription

Family in less developed country

  • No need for smartphone, app or data connection. Just call

  • Can always reach family living abroad. Don’t have to wait to be called

Operator Benefits

Incremental ARPU

  • Monthly price for ability to be called via app from abroad

  • Can charge additional for call forwarding and calling back

Reduced churn

  • Loyalty. Users can keep their current mobile subscription

  • Reduced churn in both developed and less developed countries

Vopium Family App Vopium Family App Vopium Family App Vopium Family App

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