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Call from your MAC and SAVE!

Take advantage of Vopium Desktop and make calls from your MAC at Vopium super saver prices. Share your Vopium call credits, call plans and account info seamlessly between both your Desktop and mobile. You can even call free from Vopium Desktop to Desktop and to Mobile Vopium WiFi users around the world.

It's so easy. Just download the Vopium Desktop app. Login with your Vopium login and call the number you want to call.

Need to call a friend? No need to waste time searching for, or getting your contact's permission: just dial their number. If they are on Vopium Desktop, it rings there. If not, it rings on their mobile! It's that easy.

  • For existing Vopium users, simply download Vopium Desktop from the button at the top, login with your Vopium login info and start calling right away.
  • For new Vopium users, register first as a new user here and then download Vopium Desktop. Log on with the login name and password emailed to you.

Vopium Desktop advantage
  • Call any mobile across the globe from Vopium Desktop using Vopium call credits or call plans
  • People know it is you calling, since they see your phone number. If they miss the call, they can call you back.
  • Call free from Vopium Desktop to Desktop and mobile Vopium WiFi users around the world
  • Need to call a friend on Desktop? No need to search for them or gain permission - just call their mobile
  • Vopium 2 Vopium calls ring on Vopium Desktop, if unanswered, call forwarded to mobile – you're never out of touch
  • No special user name required – it's your phone number, your Vopium log in
  • View call history, including calls made from your mobile and Desktop

Vopium Desktop is available for MAC.

In case of any issue, please write to our support team at support@vopium.com.
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