TALK to Pakistan, only USD 10.86/month!

Call Pakistan 200
USD 10.86
  • 200 min/month

You can now connect with your family, friends and colleagues in Pakistan while enjoying the freedom your mobile phone gives you for as little as USD 10.86/month or more for USD 10.86/month.

Call Pakistan 200 - 200 minutes/ month to call any mobile phone and landline in Pakistan - only USD 10.86 per month.

Call plans are valid for 30 days with auto renewal. Any unused minutes are not carried over to the next month.

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Remember, when you call international with Vopium, you only pay our super low rate plus your mobile operator for the local call. When you call via WiFi, you don't even pay for the local call.

"Nice app that has saved me a lot of money in a very short time! Got friends using too - we talk free on Wi-Fi,"

Nils, Denmark

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Why use Vopium

  • Mobile muscle - call abroad anywhere, anytime you like from your mobile phone

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  • No gimmicks - your phone, your phone number, your phone company, your sim card, your contacts

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  • Great sound - global phone calls that sound next door

  • Customer support - Vopium support team is always there to answer your questions

  • Free talk too - call fellow Vopium users FREE on WiFi

  • Join 1 million+ fellow Vopium users from 46 countries