World Cup offer: Call South Africa for Euro 0.03/min

Do you want to share the exciting moment with your friends and family members who are watching the matches live on 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP while you are sitting at home, glued to your TV screens?

With Vopium you can call South Africa during FIFA world cup for only EUR 0.03/min. As always there are no restrictions on the offer. You can call both mobile and landlines as long as you want until 11th July. If you are in South Africa and have access to WiFi you can avoid expensive roaming charges, calling home with Vopium Wi-Fi.

If you are not already a Vopium users you can register here. We give you 15 free min and 15 SMS to anywhere in the world to get started.

Let’s all share the excitement of FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 with Vopium!

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