New version of Vopium for Android

Today we have updated Vopium for Android. The update includes a new and improved user interface. Among other things we have added a contact list where you can see the rate before calling your friends and a new test number functionality that allows you to test the voice quality.

We have made a number of under the hood fixes to improve your calling experience and added support for Android Jelly Bean. If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to shoot an email to

You can download Vopium from Google Play. If you are not already a Vopium customer, you can register directly from the app or from our website.


Vopium launches Windows Phone app!

Vopium has just announced its brand new Windows Phone app that lets users with Windows-based devices enjoy the benefits of extremely low-cost mobile communication. Our company has made major news recently after a plethora of app launches for key platforms including iPhone, Android and an industry-first Blackberry Wi-Fi app.

The free Vopium app is now available on the Windows Phone Marketplace, runs on Windows Phone 7.5, 7.8 and 8.0 versions, and comes with 5 free minutes after sign-up. According to Vopium’s Director of Marketing, Babar Baig, “After successive app launches across different platforms, the Windows Phone App will serve as a low-cost treat for an important consumer segment that relishes the use of a new generation of Windows-based phones such as the popular Nokia Lumia series, and similar leading ones. We truly hope that our new app will reaffirm the success that we have enjoyed throughout this year with back-to-back app launches, and carry it into the next year.”

The application has been tested on a number of devices such as Nokia Lumia 610, Nokia Lumia 800, HTC Titan, HTC Titan II, HTC Radar, Samsung Omnia W I8350, Samsung Focus Flash and more. One of the most exciting aspects of Vopium’s service offering has been popular unlimited call plans , as well as “Pay as you go” call credits to help consumers economize their communication budgets. So download the app now and take maximum advantage of low cost VoIP international calling with Vopium.


Vopium comes with a new update for iPhone app – Download now!

Good news, Vopium now brings a new update for iPhone app offering greater convenience, better voice quality and highly improved VoIP experience for its iPhone users. One of the most significant changes in Vopium’s version 2.5 is its default Wi-Fi feature which directs your calls through a Wi-Fi connection as soon as you’re connected. This eradicates the need to manually enable Wi-Fi calling, making it easy and more convenient for you. Additionally in this case, there are no charges incurred by your mobile service provider and you only pay Vopium for the international call rate.

Here is the list on other cool things about the new update:

– French translation facility available for French users
– Absolutely clear voice quality and better connectivity
– Push notifications to keep you in touch with Vopium latest offers

Other features include texting at reduced prices and Vopium’s Pay-as-you-go service where you can plan ahead with our pre-paid call credits or buy our most popular call plans to your favorite countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, US, Denmark and more.

Download the new update from here and do let us know about your feedback through reviews on App Store or in the comments section below.


Get up to 25% OFF on Europe Mobile Unlimited package & Vopium SMS rates!

We are pleased to inform you that our package “Europe Mobile Unlimited” is now available for only EUR 59.95/month. This summer, we have lowered the package price by up to 25% so that our customers can easily stay connected with their loved ones in 31 European countries plus USA and Canada as a bonus, at extremely affordable call rates.

Europe Mobile Unlimited” is one of our premium packages that enables users to call unlimited from their mobile phones to any other mobile or landline number in 31 European countries plus USA and Canada along with 100 free international SMS, for only EUR 59.95 (ex-VAT) per month.

We believe this reduction in package’s price from EUR 79.95/month to EUR 59.95/month will greatly encourage our users to take advantage of Vopium’s excellent service and convenience. For more information on the package, read here.

Moreover we bring a special reduction on SMS rates by up to 25% (from EUR 0.08 to EUR 0.06) to countries like Denmark, Australia, UK, Romania, Italy, Japan and more. The most significant offer is where you can send discounted SMS to India for as low as EUR 0.01 with Vopium, down from EUR 0.05. Find out the new SMS rates to other countries here.

So what are you waiting for! Enjoy the best possible call and SMS rates with Vopium this summer.


Vopium Introduces Unlimited Call Packages to Pakistan & India

UPDATE: Please note that the Call Pakistan Unlimited is no longer available

After the recent launch of our innovative iPhone, Android and BlackBerry apps, Vopium is proud to introduce two exciting unlimited packages for calling Pakistan and India.

With the amazing “Call Unlimited” package, you can call unlimited from your mobile to Indian landline and mobiles for only EUR 8.95/month. Along with this, you also benefit from unlimited calling to landline numbers in 52 other countries around the world plus mobile phones in select countries, with 30 free international SMS as a bonus.

Similarly our second new package “Call Pakistan Unlimited” allows you to make unlimited calls from your mobile to landline and mobile numbers in Pakistan for only EUR 19.95/month, with 30 free international SMS as a bonus.

Vopium’s cutting edge VoIP technology minimizes the cost of international calling by redirecting your international calls through the cheapest route. And with our new unlimited packages, staying connected with loved ones is far cheaper and much more convenient.

Existing Vopium users can login here and purchase the package of their choice from ‘Call Plans’. New user? No worries, getting started with Vopium is quick and easy. Click here to register with Vopium.

Remember call plans are valid for 30 days with auto renewal. Any unused minutes or SMS are not carried over to the next month. Please note: The unlimited packages are governed by a fair usage policy limit of 2000 call minutes/month to prevent undue abuse.


Vopium Innovates with New iPhone App

Adding to the string of solid achievements in 2011, and leading innovation in to 2012, Vopium is pleased to bring its iPhone user-base a great new app. Our enhanced iPhone app optimizes the VoIP experience, and stands tall in an increasingly dynamic and revolutionary iPhone market. This is how our team starts the New Year.

Vopium’s latest iPhone app is the dynamic result of our New Year’s resolutions, symbolized by passion, innovation and a zeal for market-disruptive technology.

Convenience 101

The new Apple in-app payment system allows for easy top-up through iTunes, instead of having to enter your credit details. From a functionality perspective, we’ve increased the likelihood for free calls by ensuring that Wi-Fi/3G calls go through even when the app is in background, or closed. As part of our drive to integrate intuitive intelligence, there is presence indication of Vopium contacts available for push-based calls. As a result, the moment you launch the app, Vopium users amongst your contacts are high-lighted, so you can enjoy absolutely FREE communication!

“The world of iPhone apps is in a constantly evolving dimension, and we made sure our new iPhone app resonates the convenience, innovation and pioneering technology that iPhone users are accustomed to,” explains Babar Baig, Vopium’s Director of Marketing. Make sure you don’t miss out on the next-generation VoIP experience from Vopium on your iPhone!

About Vopium

Vopium A/S, the Mobile VoIP Provider, delivers mobile phone calls without borders. With the Vopium app, customers can make international mobile phone calls that fell like; sound like and cost like a local call. Vopium’s app takes advantage of both VoIP and GSM technologies, works across all major platforms and on more than 900 handset models ranging from smart phones to features phones.

With more than one million users in 52 countries, Vopium powers reliable, cost-effective mobile communications around the world. Vopium is listed on the NYSE Euronext Paris Exchange. For more information, please visit


Vopium announces Erik Neraal as Chief Operating Officer

Vopium, a leading innovator in mobile global communications, is pleased to announce the appointment of Erik Neraal as Chief Operating Officer. With over 20 years experience in the IT and telecommunications sectors, Erik will take a leading role in all operations at Vopium.

Prior to joining Vopium, Neraal held several senior strategic and operational management roles, including with companies Digital Equipment (DEC), AT&T and Sprint International. In his last position, Erik was CEO at mobile software developer, Plutolife, a company he turned around to become an industry leader and later sold to stock-listed, Jumbuck Ltd.

“Vopium’s present focus is to take advantage of the growing global demand for an app-based calling solution like ours. We feel Erik’s focus and determination as a leader, coupled with his industry expertise and successful track record will help Vopium meet this challenge and take us to the next level,” said Christian Eyde Møller, Vopium Chairman of the Board.

Vopium technology enables mobile phone users to make international calls at the reduced price and exceptional sound quality of a local phone call without the need of a WiFi or 3G connection. Users can also take advantage of low cost SMS, as well as integrated free instant messaging. Vopium is currently available on Apple iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Java platforms.

“This is a very exciting time for innovative, application-based mobile service providers like Vopium. Having a unique and easy to use product like ours makes us very attractive to both consumers and industry partners. I look forward to the challenge of shaping our global operations and services to better realize this opportunity,” said Erik Neraal, Vopium Chief Operating Officer.