Get up to 25% OFF on Europe Mobile Unlimited package & Vopium SMS rates!

We are pleased to inform you that our package “Europe Mobile Unlimited” is now available for only EUR 59.95/month. This summer, we have lowered the package price by up to 25% so that our customers can easily stay connected with their loved ones in 31 European countries plus USA and Canada as a bonus, at extremely affordable call rates.

Europe Mobile Unlimited” is one of our premium packages that enables users to call unlimited from their mobile phones to any other mobile or landline number in 31 European countries plus USA and Canada along with 100 free international SMS, for only EUR 59.95 (ex-VAT) per month.

We believe this reduction in package’s price from EUR 79.95/month to EUR 59.95/month will greatly encourage our users to take advantage of Vopium’s excellent service and convenience. For more information on the package, read here.

Moreover we bring a special reduction on SMS rates by up to 25% (from EUR 0.08 to EUR 0.06) to countries like Denmark, Australia, UK, Romania, Italy, Japan and more. The most significant offer is where you can send discounted SMS to India for as low as EUR 0.01 with Vopium, down from EUR 0.05. Find out the new SMS rates to other countries here.

So what are you waiting for! Enjoy the best possible call and SMS rates with Vopium this summer.


Unlimited mobile to mobile calls to Europe & USA

Vopium has launched a new call plan that enables you to call as much as you like from your mobile to any mobile and landline in 31 European countries, as well as the USA and Canada for one low monthly price.

The deal gives anyone, from businesses to families, unlimited mobile phone calling and 100 SMS to other mobile users in 33 countries for only €79.95 per month, no matter where you are calling from around the world. The new call plan will be available to the first 10,000 subscribers and a fair usage policy applies.

“Europe Mobile Unlimited” as the plan is aptly called, will be especially attractive to companies working with European and North American clients. Businesses will now be able to stay in touch always with their European and North American colleagues, as well as always stay in budget, because they can take advantage of unlimited mobile calling at a fixed low monthly price.

A quick comparison between mobile carrier rates in the USA, Europe and Australia demonstrates how many minutes you typically get when calling from these regions to Europe for €79.95: When calling from a mobile in the USA to a mobile in Europe, you typically get 60-90 min for €79.95. From a mobile in the UK to one in another European country, you get 85 -100 min, and from Australia, only 45-75 min. With Vopium, it’s all you can talk for the same price – €79.95!

“We are extremely excited to be launching our “Europe Mobile Unlimited” call plan. We have received numerous requests from business clients to provide them with a European-wide plan similar to our “Unlimited Call the World” plan. The key difference, businessmen wanting a mobile to mobile solution for Europe and North America unlike our “Call the World” plan, which provides unlimited calling to fixed lines and in select countries, to mobiles,” says Tanveer Sharif, Vopium CEO.

He continues, “Europe Mobile Unlimited gives companies and consumers an easy and cost effective way to talk mobile to mobile, regardless of where you are located. Besides businesses using it, I imagine many parents will want to take advantage of the plan, as an inexpensive way to keep in constant touch with their kids studying abroad.”