Vopium comes with a new update for iPhone app – Download now!

Good news, Vopium now brings a new update for iPhone app offering greater convenience, better voice quality and highly improved VoIP experience for its iPhone users. One of the most significant changes in Vopium’s version 2.5 is its default Wi-Fi feature which directs your calls through a Wi-Fi connection as soon as you’re connected. This eradicates the need to manually enable Wi-Fi calling, making it easy and more convenient for you. Additionally in this case, there are no charges incurred by your mobile service provider and you only pay Vopium for the international call rate.

Here is the list on other cool things about the new update:

– French translation facility available for French users
– Absolutely clear voice quality and better connectivity
– Push notifications to keep you in touch with Vopium latest offers

Other features include texting at reduced prices and Vopium’s Pay-as-you-go service where you can plan ahead with our pre-paid call credits or buy our most popular call plans to your favorite countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, US, Denmark and more.

Download the new update from here and do let us know about your feedback through reviews on App Store or in the comments section below.