Increased prices to Call Pakistan

From 1 October the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority has decided to enforce a minimum price on operators in Pakistan they must charge for calls coming from abroad (read more). This will increase our cost by more than 500%. To continue offering attractive monthly packages to Pakistan, we are obliged to change the terms of the Call Pakistan packages:

From 1 October we offer you: 

Call Pakistan 200: 200 min + 30 SMS /month for EUR 9.95 ex VAT (EUR 0.05/min)
Call Pakistan 400: 400 min + 30 SMS /month for EUR 19.95 ex VAT (EUR 0.04/min)

Unfortunately, it will no longer be possible for us to offer the popular Call Pakistan Unlimited package. Instead users will be receiving the Call Pakistan 400 package. Users will keep their current minutes until the package is renewed next month. Existing Call Pakistan 400 users will receive 200 minutes and existing Call Pakistan Unlimited users will receive 400 minutes.

The pay as you go rate is increased to 0.08 EUR ex VAT.

We are sorry that we have to increase our prices, as we are normally used to only decrease prices, but hope for your understanding given the circumstances. We are convinced that you will find our pricing to remain highly competitive also after 1 October.