The Danish newspaper Politiken concludes: Vopium is 10 times cheaper

One of Denmark’s largest newspapers, Politiken, recently made a comparison of Vopium’s rates and the rates of one of the biggest Nordic telephone companies, TDC. The result was striking: With Vopium Danes save up till 90 % on an ordinary call when calling abroad.

For Danes travelling outside the EU calling home the savings are noticeable too: Vopium users save up to 40 % when calling from a Danish mobile outside the EU to a mobile phone in Denmark!

Read more examples of when to use Vopium in Politiken’s article.


Vopium and Gratis Danmark team up to offer Danes free phone calls

Vopium was mentioned on the Danish mobile news site as the company has begun a collaboration with “Gratis Danmark” (A Danish company offering free wireless internet to Danes in larger cities and in public trains and busses across Denmark.) Soon this collaboration will result in free VoIP telephony for Danes using “Gratis Danmark”’s services across the country. Read the article about free phone calls in Denmark.


Vopium in Daily Express (UK)

Vopium receives press coverage from the UK newspaper Daily Express. The article underlines our low prices for UK residents in particular: Vopium offers rates as low as 2p a minute to call landlines in US and 5p a minute to call Indian mobile phones or landlines.