Vopium Delivers On Promise Again, With Industry-First BlackBerry Wi-Fi Calling App

The history of technology is full of great people, great events, and most of all, great innovation. But when analyzing at depth, what becomes clear is the great leaps in evolution. It has shaped the world as we see and experience it, and today, Vopium, have managed to move the markets with the first real BlackBerry Wi-Fi calling app; free from the limitations and carrier-imposed requirements blocking consumers from taking full advantage of the advantages that VoIP and Wi-Fi brings together!

Our New Year’s Gift to the World

Vopium is the first VoIP service provider to offer a Wi-Fi calling app through BlackBerry App World. One of the major milestones of our industry-moving app is that, unlike other Wi-Fi apps that require users to connect with a local call, it is good to go on a standalone basis. Most of all, the Vopium app offers least-cost routing to both mobile and landline numbers whenever you’re connected to Wi-Fi. Keeping in line with our cost-effectiveness, consumers will have access to free international and domestic Wi-Fi calls, as well as international calls over GSM and CDMA for as little as less than 1 cent per minute!

Of Numbers’n’Networks

And here is the icing to go on top of the cake. Because the calls are routed through Vopium’s network, U.S. BlackBerry owners can make Wi-Fi calls with Vopium to mobile or landline numbers globally without their carrier’s international charges. Our development team has worked round-the-clock to ensure that battery consumption is minimal, assuring that battery time will go on for a day, freeing you from office desk phones and home phones. The end result is, Vopium-to-Vopium, across the many platforms, from iPhone to Android and Symbian to Windows, IM and Wi-Fi are Totalmente GRATIS! … uhh … completely FREE :-)

Vopium CEO Tanveer Sharif snapshots it very efficiently, “Unlike other Wi-Fi calling apps that rely on bridging and other limited architectures, the Vopium BlackBerry app frees users to make calls in more places and on their terms. No other BlackBerry Wi-Fi calling app can match Vopium’s combination of savings, convenience, battery life, wireline interoperability and mobile operator independence. This app democratizes Wi-Fi calling for BlackBerry users, with no caveats and gotchas.”

What are you waiting for then? Hop on and Wi-Fi your way to communication heaven!

You can find more information about the Vopium Wi-Fi (beta version) for BlackBerry here
You can read the press release here