“Totally Awesome! This is an early Christmas gift that is good for 5 years!!! What else can u ask for? This is really such a good way to get in touch with my friends & family all around the world. More power!!!” That was the reaction of Sandy Grazielle of Perth, Australia after being told she was one of five grand prize winners of the Vopium Birthday Blowout.

Sandy is joined by Edmond Wong of San Jose, USA; Michael Khan from London; Valéria de Oliveira Brito from Brazil and Jeremy Hai from Singapore: Five winners from five continents that will each receive 5 YEARS OF FREE CALLS from Vopium.

“Now that I’ve won the prize, I’ll be calling many more family members and longtime friends – at least for the first few months, until I run out of things to say. lol This is really a great surprise, I’m very happy!” said North American winner, Edmond Wong.

Vopium decided to give out five years of free calls as a grand prize because it is the company’s fifth birthday. To celebrate, Vopium created the Birthday Blowout.

“We are delighted to share our milestone celebration with customers who have helped us grow to serve more than a million people in 52 countries,” said Vopium founder Tanveer Sharif. “Our birthday gifts demonstrate our sincere thanks and commitment to continue providing affordable, convenient international calling.”

The five winners all have in common that they regularly make calls to family and friends in other countries with Vopium. Winning the grand prize will make staying in touch that much easier and cheaper.

When asked if he might be calling any long lost friends, UK winner Michael Khan said, “Yes I will, knowing it’s FREE. I’ll  be able to talk for hours, cool. Before I was just e-mailing when we had the chance, now just a phone call away and its absolutely FREE!”

South American winner, Valéria de Oliveira Brito from Brazil talking about how the win would change her life said, “Winning this amazing prize will make possible to keep in touch with my guy (in Canada) for longer hours. What else can I ask for? :)”

Vopium will be following up with the winners over the next few weeks to see how the free calls are working out. We also hope to get some pictures of the very happy winners too.

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