Meet Vopium at the Broadband World Forum 2011

Vopium is proud to announce that they will be exhibiting at the Broadband World Forum 2011 in Paris. The three-day event takes place 27-29 September.

Companies interested in discovering more about Vopium’s Global Mobile VoIP and Messaging White Label Partners Program, VoIP Reseller program and Corporate and Business solutions are invited to visit the Vopium booth, #G5.

The Broadband World Forum 2011 is the world’s largest Broadband event attracting 10,000+ decision-makers from across the globe. The conference brings together over 300 speakers addressing the commercial and technical opportunities, developments and issues currently surrounding Broadband.

Vopium’s partner solutions should be of particular interest to broadband providers attending the event as they enable partners to meet the demand for “always on” international, long-distance and domestic voice, SMS and Instant Messaging services: in an open, all-in-one cloud-based service platform.

Companies seeking to grow revenue, protect their customer base and generate higher ARPU, should contact Vopium representative, Ina Pontoppidan – Director Strategy and Partnerships,  or visit the company at the Broadband Forum: booth #G5.

VOPIUM is a high-performance global telecommunications provider that cost-effectively delivers high-quality mobile calling and messaging with the clarity and ease-of-use that rivals local calls.


Vopium founder, Tanveer Sharif joins fellow global innovators in U.S. President Obama initiative

Vopium founder, Tanveer Sharif, is presently in the USA participating in the U.S. State Department’s New Beginnings program.  U.S. President Obama announced the New Beginnings initiative at his Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship. The program is part of the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), the U.S. Department of State’s premier professional exchange program.

Sharif is one of 31 “high-growth, high-potential entrepreneurs” chosen from around the world to take part in the program.   According to the state department’s program, U.S. embassies selected high-growth, high-potential entrepreneurs who are committed to growing their businesses and creating new employment opportunities in their communities. Selected delegates demonstrate high levels of interest in creativity and innovation. They are forward thinking, open to new ideas, and keenly interested in establishing and expanding business relationships with colleagues and peers in the U.S.
Tanveer Sharif’s contribution to these meetings will be particularly important, as Vopium is a provider of high quality, simple to use, low cost telecommunications services that link various people and communities around the globe.

“I am extremely honored to be participating in the New Beginnings program. It is a terrific opportunity to learn and grow as a person, as well as gain invaluable business insight and practical strategies to share with my company, Vopium,” says Tanveer Sharif, Vopium founder. He adds, “I look forward to visiting the U.S. from coast to coast, whilst being inspired and motivated daily by my fellow delegates and the business leaders we meet on our journey.”

Now in its 70th year, nearly 200,000 distinguished individuals have participated in IVLP programs, including more than 320 current and former Chiefs of State and Heads of Government, and thousands of leaders from the public and private sectors.
The program’s objective is to develop stronger public-private partnerships that increase economic opportunity, and provide greater science and technology, educational, and cultural interaction.  The program lasts three weeks from today  through October 15th. Participants will visit four U.S. cities: New York, San Francisco, Washington and Phoenix meeting with their American counterparts.


TMCnet conversation with Vopium CEO, Tanveer Sharif

TMCnet discusses the latest mobile VoIP industry trends and developments, as well as Vopium’s (News – Alert) place in the market with Vopium CEO, Tanveer Sharif.

TMC: What top trends do you see happening in your industry and what is driving these trends?

TS: I believe that we are seeing and will continue to see the ongoing migration away from fixed-lines to mobiles. A trend being driven obviously by the fall in the cost of a mobile call, but additionally, by the many more types of communications now being performed with mobiles and mobile apps, in the sense that people are chatting or they are on Twitter or IM. Mobile communication has become more than just voice. It has come to mean, IM, chat, Wi-Fi, twits and much more.

The mobile has become our communications hub; we have shifted away from fixed lines, whether it is our home telephone or even our PC, to becoming truly mobile, much of it made possible by rich voice solutions.
TMC: What new products, services, or enhancements to your existing solutions have you developed in response to these issues, and how will they help improve your performance?

TS: While Vopium always seeks to add more projects to our pipeline that will improve the user and calling experience, we nevertheless, continually strive to enhance the services that we already deliver.
We are always looking to improve sound quality and usability. To this end, the latest versions of our apps for the respective mobile platforms: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian (News – Alert) Nokia and Java, have all made significant strides. The sound quality has been vastly improved due to low bandwidth codecs while the usability of the apps, from registering to choosing how you would like to connect your call based on call cost preview, have all greatly enhanced their functionality.

TMC: Where does your company fit in the marketplace? What are your core differentiators?

TS: I believe we produce a product that is easier to use and simpler to understand than the others. Basically, anyone that needs to make an international call and would like to do it from the freedom of their mobile phone, meaning while they’re in the car or at the ballgame, benefits from Vopium. There’s not much more than that.

We have eliminated the hurdles that still exist with the other mobile VoIP providers. With Vopium, you do not need to dial a special access number; change your service provider; enter some 15-digit pin code or even call from a Wi-Fi connection – although you can of course, call from Wi-Fi with Vopium – but the choice is yours. In other words, you do not need a smartphone with Vopium, but you certainly can. If you are still using an old school Nokia (News  – Alert), it doesn’t matter, you can still save up to 94 percent on your international calls, dialing direct from your mobile and your contacts, with Vopium.

Vopium is unique in that you do not need to get a special username or new identity. You dial, IM, SMS from your mobile, your telephone number: that is your identity. To make a call, just enter the number or tap the contact, if it is international, you can choose to use Vopium. If you are Wi-Fi or 3G enabled, you can choose to use Vopium, even for domestic calls. If it is Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi, and you are both on Vopium, you can call free.

TMC: What sets Vopium apart from other VoIP service providers?

TS: I believe what truly sets Vopium apart, aside from the app’s ease of use and simplicity that we just highlighted, is that we are actually not trying to set ourselves apart from the Telco mainstream. We are not seeking to disrupt anyone’s business – we are actually looking to benefit them.

Vopium actively partners with companies by delivering a white label version of our mobile communications platform: enabling businesses, from operators to MVNOs, to tap into the exploding market and demand for rich voice services. With our turnkey platform, companies can deliver a full suite of mobile and fixed line international calling, domestic Wi-Fi calling, IM, global SMS packages and much more, featuring  great sound quality and at the absolute lowest prices: all under their brand and their network, and importantly, for a minimal investment

Presently, we are putting the final touches on two global white label partnerships and are in talks with others.

So again, if you asked me what sets Vopium apart, I would say that it is the goal of not being apart but rather, a part of the solution. We help companies and people like you and me, take advantage of rich voice services in a cost effective, easy-to-use solution.