New business model for telcos and ISPs with Vopium white label

Vopium’s white label solution makes it possible for partners, with or without a mobile service offering, to provide Vopium’s voice and messaging services under their own brand. The white label solution is a first step towards new partnerships and collaborations with telcos, who may previously have considered VoIP companies a threat rather than an opportunity.

“With the white label turn-key solution, telcos can get to market fast with their own brand and visual identity, using a proven and well-tested solution, instead of investing in a lengthy and costly VoIP development process over numerous handsets,” says Tanveer Sharif, CEO of Vopium.

We have already signed agreements with Canadian Convergia Networks and Swiss TEL4LESS, and are now reaching out to other potential partners looking to join the booming mobile VoIP market.

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One third of Vopium calls now on WiFi or 3G data

More and more users are using Vopium on Smartphones with a WiFi connection and over the last year, calls made on WiFi or the 3G data network, have increased from 19 to 35% of all calls.

When making the call on WiFi, you avoid using the mobile network, which may be particularly interesting if you are abroad and have access to WiFi. Then you avoid the expensive roaming charges. It is also possible to call other Vopium WiFi users 100% free when both are using Vopium WiFi.

“As the smartphone market continues to grow, the usage of WiFi for calls will continue to rise dramatically. All smartphones today have built-in WiFi support and, at the same time, the number of WiFi networks is growing, with hotspots available in an ever increasing number of public places,” explains telecoms analyst, Torben Rune, Netplan.

The majority of Vopium calls are still made using the classical Vopium solution, where international calls are routed as a local call to Vopium. This ensures that you can make calls everywhere with top-notch voice quality, also when you don’t have access to WiFi.

Vopium WiFi/VoIP calling is typically disabled by default, but can be enabled from the Vopium settings on all handsets that support Vopium WiFi. You can see the list of WiFi supported handsets

Visit us at the Mobile World Congress
Vopium is in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress.
Come visit us at Hall 2, Booth 2A 05 to learn more about Vopium and our VoIP reseller and VoIP white label solutions.

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