Vopium Welcomes Google Gmail-phone

We are excited to see Google launching their calling from Gmail. From our perspective, Google’s entry into the VoIP market is very positive, as many of the millions of users of Google’s services have not yet made calls via the Internet. Google now makes this possible, and many will see how much money can be saved and how easy it is. We hope that many of Google’s users also want to save money on calls and text messages worldwide from their mobile phones. Vopium makes this possible.

Unlike Google’s service, which requires a computer and a headset, Vopium works directly from the mobile, allowing users to make free and low-cost international calls, send low cost text messages and IM with their friends on Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo! and ICQ.

We even offer users 15 free minutes and SMS to anywhere in the world to get started. If you are not already a Vopium user, you can register with Vopium

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Vopium responds to the situation in Pakistan

Our thoughts go to the millions of people affected by the flooding in Pakistan. One-fifth of the country is currently under water with 20 million people affected by the disaster.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said yesterday that while he has visited sites of natural disasters around the world, he had never seen anything like the devastation created by the flooding in Pakistan. He said the disaster is worse than the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the 2005 Pakistani earthquake combined.

Pakistan is in need of help and Vopium has decided to donate 10% of all revenue generated from Vopium users calling Pakistan to the Red Cross/Red Crescent and their relief efforts in Pakistan. Moreover we have decided to make SMS to Pakistan Free. The campaign starts today and last until 1 November 2010, where we will reassess the situation.

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