Vopium iPhone app with presence, facebook etc

Version 3.0 of Vopium for iPhone is now available on the Apple App Store

Now you can see when your contacts are online on Vopium. A small Vopium logo is shown next to the contact, indicating that you can call the contact for FREE. You can also chat with your friends on Facebook, adding to the list of Skype, MSN, Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ and Twitter. And you can choose to receive a push notification when someone sends you a chat message while the Vopium app is closed.

The update also includes a number of useful improvements such as e.g. SMS templates and core Twitter features like Retweet, Reply and Direct Messages. The update also solves the VoIP problem experienced by users after upgrading to OS4.

The ability to see when other Vopium users are online is a feature many users have asked for, and something we are very pleased and proud to add. The feature will soon be extended to other handsets starting with Nokia Symbian and the same goes for Facebook chat.

Multitasking will be added soon, but we have decided to postpone it until it provides for a truly improved overall user experience, which requires a little further fine-tuning.

You can download the new iPhone app here.
If you are not already a Vopium user you can register here