Call Pakistan for only EUR 0.03/min

Responding to an increasing demand from users, we are pleased to announce an additional package: Call Pakistan 750 with 750 minutes per month, allowing you to call Pakistan for only EUR 0.03/min. You get 750 minutes + 15 international SMS for only 24.95 Euro per month. Like the other packages, the package is renewed every 30 days. Read more about the new package here

The existing Call Pakistan 350 package with 350 min + 15 SMS for only EUR 12.95/month will continue as is.

If you are an existing call Pakistan user with a need to call Pakistan more than 520 minutes per month, it will be beneficial for you to switch to Call Pakistan 750.


Vopium to provide Mobile VoIP Platform to Convergia

We are very pleased and proud to announce that we have entered our first white label agreement with Canadian based Convergia Networks Inc. to supply Convergia with our mobile VoIP and messaging platform. The agreement will allow Convergia to offer the entire Vopium portfolio of advanced mobile and web-based communication services, including mobile VoIP, SMS, Instant Messaging, contact back-up, web-calling etc. across North and South America.

Read the press release here

Read more about the white label solution here


Calling Vopium users now becomes even cheaper

Vopium now makes it even cheaper to call other Vopium users.  It’s already 100% FREE to call Vopium users when they are on Wi-Fi. From today you can also make highly discounted calls to other Vopium users without Wi-Fi.

With our new “Vopium 2 Vopium” package you can call and SMS other Vopium users all over the world for less than EUR 0.05/min! You get 100 minutes and 15 SMS to other Vopium users for only EUR 4.95 per month. Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi calls continue to be 100% FREE and will not be charged against the package.

You can read more about Vopium 2 Vopium here

Tell your friends about Vopium so that you can save even more money when calling them. On top, you earn 10 Euro balance when your friend make the first payment. See more here