Vopium on Android Market

Vopium has added an Android client to its growing portfolio of applications and it’s now available on Android Market, supporting e.g. G1 and HTC magic. This launch extends Vopium’s support to all major platforms including Java, Symbian, RIM, Windows Mobile and Apple, thus allowing users to choose from more than 500 devices on the market.

Android users can now save up to 90% on international calls or SMS without changing their SIM Card or package plan. Vopium on Android works over the regular GSM network, rerouting international calls via Vopium.

To download the Vopium application for your Android phone, search for Vopium in the Android Market and get 15 free minutes of international calling time and as many free text messages. Enjoy Vopium’s premium voice quality and cheap calling tariff. See press release here


Vopium on BlackBerry App World

Vopium for Blackberry is the first mobile VoIP application that has made it to BlackBerry App World™. Facing stiff competition this launch once again proves Vopium’s commitment to cater for the needs of consumers and businesses worldwide. Now BlackBerry users can make international calls at the lowest possible rates as Vopium automatically re-routes calls via the cheapest available route, ensuring that customers are always able to save money when calling international numbers.

The cost saving for BlackBerry users is considerable (up to 90%) whether making an international call or sending an SMS. You can download the Vopium application directly from BlackBerry App World™ or check out the setup guide here