Vopium launches in France and Germany

Vopium has now entered the French and German mobile markets! If you are residing in France and Germany you can download the free software from Vopium.com and start making cheap, international calls and send SMS from your mobile.

The beta version of Vopium has been succesfully tested in France and Germany during the Autumn of 2008 and has now been fully launched. Register and start enjoying cheap mobile calls already today!


Improved Vopium WiFi now available for Symbian

Now Vopium has made free WiFi calling even better for Nokia Symbian phones. Try the improved functionality already today!

Call through 3G! When you’re not WiFi connected, you now have the possibility of calling through 3G. If you choose ‘WiFi/WLAN+3G’ in your Vopium WiFi settings your phone will automatically connect to WiFi when available and if not available it will connect via 3G.*

The connection time through Vopium WiFi for Symbian is now even faster and minor bugs from the first beta version have been fixed. Whenever connected to WiFi, you can call other Vopium WiFi users for free and avoid paying any roaming charges – anywhere in the World! Vopium revolutionizes the way you make mobile calls – so why not join us already today and enjoy free mobile calling!

How does it work?
Vopium automatically detects when you are connected to WiFi, which country your are in, and whether you are calling a fixed or a mobile phone. Vopium WiFi even detects whether your Vopium friends are on-line before calling and routes your call for FREE when they are. When you are off-line, Vopium routes your international calls as a local call. You pay your local rate plus Vopium’s international calls rates. This way you always obtain the best quality possible at the lowest possible price – no matter where you are and no matter who you are calling.

How to get Vopium WiFi
1. If you already have Vopium: Log-in to vopium.com and click the Get WiFi button
2. If you don’t  have Vopium, simply register here or SMS ‘get’ to +447781480717 (or if you’re in Scandinavia, choose a local number here)

*Please note that Vopium highly recommends that you only call via 3G if you have a flat rate data package with your operator and only when you are in your own country/the country where your SIM card is registered.