Now you can call for free with Vopium WiFi

Today we are taking another major step towards realizing our vision of making mobile communication free by launching Vopium Wifi (beta).

Vopium WiFi revolutionizes the way you make mobile calls. Whenever you are connected to WiFi, you can call other Vopium WiFi users for free and avoid paying any roaming charges – anywhere in the World!

It is a beta version, but it is already the most advanced mobile VoIP application in the market, intelligently making sure you always get the best quality at the lowest cost. It is the first fully integrated VoIP application supporting Windows Mobile and the ultimate VoIP experience on Nokia Symbian phones.

Vopium automatically detects when you are connected to WiFi, which country your are in, and whether you are calling a fixed or a mobile phone. Vopium Wifi even detects whether your Vopium friends are on-line before calling and routes your call for FREE when they are. When you are off-line, Vopium routes your international calls as a local call. You pay your local rate plus Vopium’s international calls rates. This way you always obtain the best quality possible at the lowest possible price – no matter where you are and no matter who you are calling.

How you get Vopium Wifi

1. If you already have Vopium: Log-in to and press Get Wifi (on Nokia you can even live-update directly from your phone).

2. If you don’t  simply register at or SMS get to +447781480717 .

Now go spread the word and start calling each other for free!