Vopium now available in Europe and the US (beta)

Now you can also use Vopium in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, UK, US and Canada, taking advantage of the great costs savings on international calls and SMS. Go to Vopium.com, select your country and register your phone, then we send you a link to download Vopium and provide you with 15 free minutes to test our service.

Vopium is available in your local language and will be selected automatically based on the language setting in your phone.

If you are travelling in these countries, you can also use Vopium for your international calls. You will be paying a roaming charge to your operator, though. However, if you are calling non-EU destinations or if you are in the US, you will still save a lot of money by using Vopium for your international calls.

We initially launch Vopium in a beta version. The software has been fully tested in Scandinavia and now we are testing our European network. In the US, Vopium will only work on GSM terminals.


Vopium launches new website

Vopium is proud to present our new website along with an updated and improved version of Vopium:

– Easier for you to find information about Vopium and our products
– Easier for you to manage multiple phones from the same account
– Easier for you to take advantage of our attractive international call packages
– A forum where you can ask questions and find tips from other users and our support and development teams
– A blog, where we will keep you posted on the exiting developments at Vopium and comment on industry news
– A dedicated Press Room, where we will be issuing press releases about key Vopium news

We hope you will find the new site helpful. Let us know if you have any comments or ideas for further improvements


Vopium releases new version of Vopium

Vopium has released an updated improved version of Vopium for Symbian and Windows Mobile:

– Check your account balance from your mobile
Top-up your account from your mobile
Improved convenience when calling

If you have not allready received an SMS from us with a link to the updated version, you can send an SMS with:

“Get” to 1231 (Denmark).
“Vopium” to 2201 (Norway)
“Vopium” to 72445 (Sweden)

Then we will send you an SMS with a link to the updated version.