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The Vopium app for Blackberry is totally integrated with Wi-Fi calling. While the app works both for GSM and Wi-Fi calling, Wi-Fi brings users great quality and savings with added bonus of free calls when both callers have the Vopium app and are connected on Wi-Fi!

The application is fully compatible with Blackberry OS 6+. Offering a seamless Wi-Fi calling experience for Blackberry users, the app works without undue battery drainage on the Wi-Fi connected Blackberry handset.

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Features for Vopium Wi-Fi (beta version) for Blackberry

  • FREE ROAMING - call on Wi-Fi when abroad
  • FREE CALLS - between Vopium users on Wi-Fi
  • TELL A FRIEND - get € 10 FREE credit
    … and help your friends save money too!

Supported Devices:

Vopium Wi-Fi (beta version) for Blackberry is currently supported on Blackberry Bold 9780 (OS 6), Blackberry 9800 (OS 6) and Blackberry 9900 (OS 7). We will soon have more devices added to the list.

How does it work?

Vopium redirects your call and delivers it anywhere in the world. You pay Vopium’s low price for the international call and your regular operator for the local call. Your combined cost is a fraction, not just compared to mobile rates, but also against most fixed line rates. On Wi-Fi you even don’t pay for a local call, increasing your saving, especially when you are traveling.

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